10 Commonly Made Mistakes By First Time Cufflinks Wearer [PART 1/2]

10 Commonly Made Mistakes By First Time Cufflinks Wearer [ Part 1/2 ]
By : Adwin Ang
11 August 2006
When did you worn your first pair of cufflinks?  Did you make some of the common mistake while wearing a pair of cufflinks? Or rather for the first time?
To date, I am 90% sure that no one have mention before, their embarassment moment. Or at least publish articles for cufflinks first timer wearer to take note of when wearing cufflinks. Well, do let me have the honour to write you the list.
Mistake #1 : Not wearing a pair of cufflinks that matches your overall dressing. For example, if you are wearing tuxedo with a pair of novelty cufflinks for formal function, you would be seen as a person who does not respect the host of the event. You would be better to get a pair of 18K gold cufflinks or a simple silver cufflinks to match.
Mistake #2 : Putting on cufflinks before wearing your cuff shirts. Would you do that? Come on, be honest. Would you do this? Never put on your cufflinks onto your cuff shirt before wearing your shirt. The reason is you can never wear your shirt’s sleeve. Don’t try to wiggle through the sleevess. You would need to ripping off your cufflinks. Just don’t try it. Period.

Mistake #3 :
Wearing unmatch themed cufflinks for different function. If you are going to for a wedding dinner, don’t ever try to show up with a pair of clown surface or animal cufflinks. You would give others the impression that you’re going to watch the circus show. Wear related theme cufflinks whenever possible. A plain stainless steel or wedding bells cufflinks would be ideal.

Mistake #4 :
Not storing your cufflinks in proper casing. As you know or might know, cufflinks are rather small item accessories. If you were to place them in drawers or under the bed or cupboard, chances are you are not going to see them again. You might want to check out with the ladies why they kept their ear rings and accessories in different boxes.

Mistake #5 :
  Wearing cufflinks in a rush. NEVER do this please. Why? Because you need patience in order to wear your cufflinks properly. Which is faster wearing a cufflinks or just plain buttoning on the sleeves. Pushing the metal piece into the shirt’s sleeves button holes was never an easy task. Worst still you might miss a hole or two! So take your time pal.
To be continue …
Well, this article is getting long on a single posting. So do stay tune for my part 2 tomorrow morning.
Please email me if you intend to syndicate this article. No part of this article shall be alter without permission from me.
Thank you.

Adwin Ang

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