2006 Football World Cup Ties and Cufflinks

Hi everyone,

I am sure most of you are soccer fans and sure wouldn’t miss the World Cup 2006.
Tell you what, next time when you need a pair of nice looking cufflinks and remind yourself of the winning matches just go down to Links and Ties to customise a pair. What is your favourite football team? I am sure wearing it around your wirst would tell the world not to ‘mess’ with your favourite team.

I have emailed Mike and gotten his permission to do a feature of his site here.
My review for his site is : “You should go and take a look and what amazing cufflinks you can customise for yourself.”

Just a moment to click on the picture below and you will land on his site. I am sure he is busy customising football club cufflinks at the moment for many customer because of World Cup 2006. You can also see that cufflinks is so versatile. Any occasion or memorable event you can “Cuff it down”. Sure you have enjoy the match or the magic moment in life.
Just think of one and ‘Cast’ it down into Cufflinks.
Let me help you with one -> “Lips of your Wife or girl friend” put it on paper, and well don’t look for me. Look for Mike!

Meanwhile keep brainstorming. You might strike gold!

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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