22 Ways to Find Your Matching Single Cufflinks

22 Ways to Find Your Matching Single Cufflinks
By Adwin Ang
19 August 2006
‘Singles’ collectors are you there? Well, I have manage to find at least 22 ways which you can obtain your matching pair of single cufflinks.
Would you like to read them now? I can understand your frustration when coming to find your matching piece of single or finding a missing match. The question is what it takes to find it? Well, another missing side of the pair. How it is possible it is limited made?
So much effort and time need to be invested and usually a person will give up before finding the missing ‘link’. Agree?
Finding your single cufflinks
1. Online Auction. With the advance in technology and popular use of the Internet acution site allows us to search for things more quickly and easily. Try auction site like eBay,Yahoo Auctions,WeBidz online auction site, buyselltrades.com, Auctionfire.com.
2. Forum. Join discussion forum online on cufflinks matters and participate in related topic. Or create a topic to discuss about single cufflinks. Post question on where you can find your missing ‘link’.
3. Create Blog. You might want to create a blog just like this one. But focus on Single cufflinks exchange. Draw collectors to your sites and you are in business.
4. Advertise on Google Adwords. I am sure you might find this strange but what do you do if your dog went missing? You will put up notices for reward. Learn the basic on Google Adword. Basically, if you input the correct keywords, competition would be as low as 0.01 cent. Of course, you need to have a landing page (Website). Try getting a free web page like geocities.com, freewebs.com and bravenet.com. Post your single cufflinks picture,description, year of made, etc. Not difficult to do a web page nowsaday. Try it!
5.Talk to Experts. Yes, this is what I love doing. Learn more about your single before trying to find them. Know where to start finding is more important than just keep on finding. Experts like Gene and Derek could help you. Check out their interviews with me if you have the time.
6. Search Engine search. Perhaps the most most straightforward way is to conduct a search on search engine. You never know what you might find. Popular search engine like Google and Dogpile would return you with a list of results.
7. Weekend Garage sales. This would be the pastime of a full-time collector do you agree? You usually will be able to pick up a few good ones on one of your lucky day. Just don’t give up.
8. Antique Shop. You can visit your local antique shop and browse around. Check with the shop owner if he knows anyone having a collection to sell. Some shop owner might not be willing to take those loose piece of cufflinks. They ended up at the garage sales.
9. Attend Cufflinkers Get Together. If your community have a get together group, join them. Usually exchange of cufflinks took place in such event. If there is none, you can always start one. No one is stopping you.
10. Write to Online Cufflinks Merchants.  Don’t be shy to ask them. You never know if they are actually looking for a similar piece just like yours. Exchange can be done if both party agree to do a trade.
11. Advertise on local Newspaper.  This might involve abit of cost upfront but you never know who is would come along. A new venture might result. Single cufflinks is really consider a niche market.
12. Magazine Advertisement. Look out for local magazine on Men’s accessories. National Cuff Links Society used to run a publication call ‘THE LINK’. Cufflinker would place a small picture to feature the item they wish to buy or sell. Although this publication is no longer in production but local small ads magazines are still alive. The fee is also lower when compared to newspaper advertisement.
13. Creative Classified Ads Online. Write creative classified adds to get cufflinks collectors to read about what you are searching for. Maybe you can write a 3 pages tips on how to store cufflinks properly.

14. Interest Sharing Web Portal. You can join interest portal like myspace.com or squdioo.com to find or create a topic on single cufflinks. You can bet collectors will start to swarm in.

15. Make a video footage of your collection. You can make a short video using your cell phone and upload in onto YOUTUBE.com. You can tell people that you are looking for ‘singles’ and how your cufflinks singles cufflinks look.

16. Cufflinks manufacturers. Check with the original manufacturer of your singles if it is still possible. You never know if they have a spare singles one hidden under their bed.

17. Sell on eBay. Yes. Get your singles listed on eBay. You hear me correctly. The point here is to generate the interested cufflinks collector, singles collector to come to you. Well, the detail on how to do this I wont be explaining much here. Do drop me a note if you need to know how.

18. Search outside your country. Yes. Travel out of your country to find it. While you are on holiday, you might want to check out the country garage sales or unique stores. You never know what you going to find. Ask the local for advice to locate the area best known for second hand sales.

19. Get a matching side. I am referring to a matching theme. If you are missing a side on coin, then get a matching coin side cufflinks. As to individual preference, you might find it distasteful but it is really up to your tolerance level towards your collections.

20. Offer a reward or a deal. Put on all sources that you can get hold of, a small reward for people who provide clue to finding your missing pair or special deal you can come up with. But you better check out how much does your pair of cufflinks really worth.

21. Setup a offline cufflinks club. You might to consider to setup a private cufflinks club. If you need help, perhaps I can recommend someone to you. The fastest way is to meet and talk face to face on a common interest. I am sure many would agree.

22. Place your Order. Make a similar one. This is unlikely what cufflinks collector will do but if it is a pair which is not too expensive or not worth collecting, you might as well buy a new pair and use the singles for decorative purpose.

The above are just some ways which you can use to find your matching singles. However, this list is non-exhaustive. Only your mind determine or limit the numbers of way.

Until then, next topic will be on “Excuse me, How much does it worth? Cufflinks you mean?”.

Adwin Ang

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