$3.50 SGD For a Pair of Stainless Steel Cufflinks?

Hi everyone,

Guess what, I bought a pair of stainless steel cufflinks for $3.50SGD at Seiyu departmental store today.

Ha,ha. You might not believe it. Well actually there is no secerts. The acutal price for this pair of stainless steel cufflinks actually cost $59.00 SGD. Since there is a discount of 20% for this item, the price brings down to $47.20 SGD. To bring this pair of cufflinks price further down, I got a $43.70 SGD voucher from SEIYU. So guess what? $3.50 SGD for my new pair of cufflinks.
Dirt cheap for a pair of stainless steel cufflinks right?

Thank you for dropping by! Let me know how much you would like to get this pair of cufflinks for ? I would be able to get you at cost price.

So stay tuned for my new updates!

“Cast a world of Cuffs”

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