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wedding cufflinks

I asked a question before with regards to a gift for my brother-in-law.

Ive just ordered him engraved photo cufflinks they have a photo on one of his wife on her hen-night, very funny with cowgirl hat and veil dancing, and on the other her in her wedding dress on her wedding day looking gorgeous again.

Is this a nice gift? They got married last year so are still newlyweds….

Guys, what do you think ? Still considered newly weds?

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  1. bluewaterbaby85
    bluewaterbaby85 says:

    I think its a great idea, sure they are still newlyweds, he may not wear it forever, but he’ll keep it dear to his heart for sure.

  2. lisa
    lisa says:

    i think that’s a great idea. you have thought about it and it has a personal touch. its also something different compared to the usual boring cuff links you buy in the jewellers

  3. Tracy M
    Tracy M says:

    I actually think it is a great idea. At the very least he will be touched you got something so personal and thoughtful.

  4. lollypop
    lollypop says:

    If that is the kind of thing he would like.I don’t know his likes and dislikes so can’t really help.

  5. patlynn2
    patlynn2 says:

    Firstly what I noticed is that you said a “gift for your bro-in-law”, am not sure why you’re getting him a gift and secondly if it was a gift for him, then it should be about him, just my thoughts. I think the cufflinks would have been more suitable if he was getting married and not you.

  6. Ankleboots
    Ankleboots says:

    yes they are unique and unusual, i bought a necklace and had five squares on it, one of me a baby, one starting school one as a teenager one at 21, one of me marrying ive had another added on for a christmas present, me at 52. but your cufflinks idea is great. my necklace was given to my mum shes 82 next year.

  7. Bezza
    Bezza says:

    I think it’s a great idea, and if you don’t mind I will pinch that one I always have problems what to buy people, especially men. Well done you.

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