About Georg Jensen – A Summary

About Georg Jensen

Photo; the silversmith Georg Jensen in his workshop Georg Jensen, 1866-1935, belonged to the generation of artists from about 1900 who made liberal art their starting point in seeking a renewal of applied arts. After training as a goldsmith and from 1892 as a sculptor in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he opened his own silversmith’s workshop in 1904. His production of brooches in the cheaper silver set with semi-precious stones and amber is characterised by the wealth of his ornamental fantasy. Leaves and flower shapes were treated with hammer blows, and the silver acquired a greyish tone through patination. His hollow ware was decorated with moulded and soldered ornamentation in the quasi-naturalistic style of the time. These characteristics also marked the products designed by associated artists. A range of well-designed hollow ware with classical shapes and subdued leaf ornamentation was created throughout the 1930s by Johan Rohde. Some of them are still in production in Georg Jensen’s Workshop, which has been part of Royal Copenhagen since 1985.

Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen
Royal Library
Some of his works
Hope you have enjoyed the work of a silvermaster!
Adwin Ang

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