About Georg Jensen Cuff Links [PART 1/3]

About Georg Jensen Cuff Links [PART 1/3]
By Gene R. Klompus
Published by Adwin Ang With Gene’s Permission

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‘Silver is the best material we have. And silver has this wonderful shine like moonlight…a light taken straight ITom a Danish summer’s night. When covered by dew, ler can look like magical mist”. So spoke the late George Jensen in a 1930 speech in Copenhagen.

Indeed, Mr. Jensen had a way with words… and a way with silver. His creative genius was much more than an artisan at work, or a skilled metal craftsman; Georg ensen define was instantly understood, worldwide. Even today, more than 65 years since his passing, disciples, students of smithing and imitators all strive for the “Jensen style”.

Though many people associate the Georg Jensen name strictly with jewelry, his many works included 12 silverware, utensils, tableware, cutlery and sculpture. Cuff link enthusiasts are among the many people who ;:ollect “Jensen”. They enjoy the refi-eshing simplicity . of desi.n. “I love the openness and fresh air that typifies every one of the Jensen pairs in my jewelry box:”, Iii Xavier Hollings, a cuff link aficionado in Salem, MasstChusetts, “To me they are treasured, miniature sculptures.”

A Biography

Georg Jensen was born in 1866 in Raadvad, Denmark. His childhood was spent close to the bench of his blacksmith rathe.-. He became an apprentice goldsmith at age 14. Although young Jensen’s earliest ambition was to be a sculptor, he turned his vision toward fresh design approaches for jewelry and tableware. From the beginning, his intent was to create pieces that were :omfortable and practical for everyday use. Upon completion of hIs apprenticeship, he entered Copenhagen’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His simple . designs and sense of the contemporary were a reffeshing departure from the staid creations of the In 1900, Jensen obtained a sizable “Traveling” grant from the loyal Academy; this enabled him to observe the leading silversmith and goldsmith workshops in France and Italy. He returned to Denmark full of ideas and the desire to apply artistic techniques to ordinary objects.

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