About Georg Jensen Cuff Links [PART 3/3]

About Georg Jensen Cuff Links [PART 3/3]
By Gene R. Klompus
Published by Adwin Ang With Gene’s Permission

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We have come to the last part of this article on georg jensen, master of silver craft. Here are the rest of the article & enjoy your afternoon!

Upon Georg Jensen’s death in 1935, his son, Sorell . Georg Jensen, assumed managment of the business. Through the years, the popularity of the Georg Jensen name, trademarks and style has generated. controversy and legal entanglements. Even today, the Jensen family continues its efforts to stop others from using the prized Georg Jensen signature and registered trademarks. This includes actions to remove such infiingements from the storefTont signage of shops . which market vintage Jensen jewelry. The family also seeks to prohibit use of the Jensen name on the labels . of modern pieces being produced by silversmiths whose works claim to follow the “Jensen theory of design”. Such illegal labeling practices even extend to modern leather and textile products…materials never used by Georg Jensen.

Georg Jensen’s personal life was marred by tragedy; it explained his frequent bouts with depression. His first wife, Antonette, died of a kidney infection, leaving him with 2 small children. His second wife also died young, a victim of tuberculosis. His third marriage, said to be an extremely happy one, also ended sadly; his wife, Johanne, died from the Spanish Influenza plague which swept Europe in 1918. Though his 4th marriage was longer lasting, it was a period of financial difficulties which caused Jensen to lose control of his business. Jensen’s commitment to artistry often blinded him to the financial aspects of factory and showroon. He often admitted to this shortcoming.

Persons interested in George Jensen’s life, design style or anistic career should consider joining the Georg Jensen Society. The Society (in Danish: “Georg Jensen Society. The Society (in Danish: “Georg Jensen Selskabet”) was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 24, 2000. Its goal is…” to collect and spread information about the life and art of Georg . Jensen, Silversmith and Sculptor”. Eventually, the . infonnation will be available to the public at annual symp)sia, lectures, exhibitions and via the internet. For membership information, email: : gjs@gjsilver.org or . georg.jensen@dadlnet.dk

Georg Jensen was once asked about the source of his inspiration for fresh designs he turned out almost daily. He replied, ‘Inspiration can come from looking at a blade of grass or a child. Inspiration must come from within as a force which must come out”. It’s no wonder that his works have such an ageless quality.

The next article I would like to feature some of his works…do check back or simply bookmark this page.

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