Add a sparkle to your dads eye

How do you reward dad on father’s day? Well, perhaps you would consider this onyx set with both cufflinks and ring. Hmm, oh they are giving 50% discount.

HE worked hard and made sacrifices to give you the best that life could offer. So say “Thank you Dad” by giving him a special gift that will remind him of your deep love for him.

In conjunction with Father’s Day celebration last year, Habib Jewels created the Maestro collection, an elegant collection of rings for men.

The first collection comprised a turquoise centrepiece encrusted with four diamonds and this was followed by the black onyx gemstone, also set with four diamonds.

This year, Habib has created lovely jasper stone rings for men. Jasper is a gorgeous orange gemstone and the ring is designed with four diamonds and set in 18 carat gold, white gold or suasa (nine carat gold).

“Since Habib Jewels always features new collections for Mother’s Day every year, our customers suggested that we should also expand the men’s collection of accessories and ornaments, especially for Father’s Day,” explained Habib Jewels public relations executive Yasheedah Yashaiya.

The Maestro collection comprises a set of three beautifully crafted rings which are set with five diamonds. The three gemstones are black onyx, turquoise and jasper.

“We selected these three stones because they are durable and not too feminine-looking.

Customers can have the gemstones and diamonds set in either platinum, white gold or suasa” she said.

The prices for the rings set in suasa are RM1,888 and for white gold, RM2,500.

Apart from the rings, the Maestro collection also offers a variety of cufflinks and butang baju Melayu.

The cufflinks are priced between RM1,500 and RM5,000 a pair. The butang baju Melayu, at RM2,900, is available in various designs.

It has a set of three or five buttons which are linked together by a thin 18 carat chain If rings, cufflinks or butang baju Melayu isn’t your father’s cup of tea, Habib also has a range of internationally certified GIA loose diamonds which would make a wonderful investment. The diamonds come with a certificate.

“For a limited period, we are giving a 50 per cent discount on all purchases of diamonds and gemstone collections.” Is there an emerging trend where more men are wearing jewellery? “Men nowadays are becoming increasingly metrosexual and have no qualms showing off their fashion taste. The influence of the mass media where male celebrities are seen wearing and promoting jewellery is a prominent factor that plays a role in men wearing jewellery.” Since men are now willing to invest in jewellery pieces, Habib may introduce more men’s collections in the future.

“Our future collections will include bracelets, tiepins and chains” she said.
Article By Meena Sreenivasan

So do you agree black onyx cufflinks set really looks good on dad?

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