Antonio Pineda’s Cuff links

Antonio Pineda’s Cuff links

Antonio Pineda

Hello guys,

Hmm, how often do you wear a pair of cufflinks with stone embedded? Rather how often do you see a pair nowsaday. Nope I am not talking about precious stone or gems. Let’s take a look at this famous designer – Antonio Pineda.

Similarly to many top Scandinavian designers, Antonio Pineda not only studied jewelry making (at one of the Spratling benches) but also studied painting. When he returned to Taxco from technical studies in Mexico City, he first worked with Valentin Vidaurreta whose large jewelry designs influenced him in size of pieces. Antonio opened his own shop in 1941 and went on to become one of the top Taxco silversmiths whose large clean lined pieces were a style unto themselves.

Antonio also used more costly stones than any of his contemporaries. This, together with his belief that he could make finer lines in 970 silver than in sterling (925) made his pieces stand apart from the other makers.
Antonio’s work was recognized worldwide and for many years among his apprentice students were individuals attending Syracuse University. Antonio’s pieces go beyond a Mexican silver collection as the quality and style of his pieces matches any silver smithy in the world.
Seriously,  each pair of designer cufflinks have a story behind. You might have a story to share. Why not share it here?

Hope to hear your story soon! Cheers! 

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