Any ideas for wedding party gifts?

wedding cufflink

My fiancee and I are getting married next weekend in Rhode Island and we are having a tough time finding gifts gor our wedding party. We are looking to spend $50 on everyone and more on the Best Man and Maif of Honor. We don’t want to get the usual jewelry and flask or cufflinks. We want something different and cool. Any ideas?

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  1. Wisdom
    Wisdom says:

    Try, ann’s stationary, just us a search engine. I got married in march of this year, and purchase almost everything online.

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    look at a online store called Things Remembered. It’s awesome. You may have a local store depending on where you live. You can order personalize things that are unique and elegant. Try it out you won’t go wrong they will all love it.

  3. jericmeeks
    jericmeeks says:

    We are getting all of our guys these personal organizers from L.L. Bean and are going to fill them with goodies and grooming things like a shaving kit.

  4. brody1523
    brody1523 says:

    we got our groomsmen tickets to a game of sports teams they liked (2 each) and music groups for the girls (again 2 each). in 4 of the 6 cases they invited me or my wife to go with them. congrats and good luck!

  5. kimpenn09
    kimpenn09 says:

    These digital photo keychains are really cool–you can load them with meaningful photos, and the photos can be switched whenever your friends want to change them.
    They are $50.

    How about a retro candy gift box?
    ’80s candy rocks!

    For Best Man/Maid of Honor, how about ipod Shuffles? They are about $80, and can be engraved even though they’re tiny.

    Coach has some really cute women’s key chains:
    You can include a note if you’d like saying, “You were the key to making this wedding fabulous.” That might be a little sappy, though.

    For the guys, Swiss Army knives are always cool. Some of them come with USB drives now for storing files, music, photos, etc. for transfer between machines.

    If there’s a TV show each one likes, get them a season of the show on DVD.

    Cookie Bouquets are also cool:

    Or, you could enter them in a Brownie of the Month Club: ($69 for 3 months, 4 brownies a month, shipping included)=&ProductID=G%2D4%2D3

    If that seems like too much, send them a package of really tasty baked goods:brownie gift box, about $40 + shipping=&ProductID=G%2DBRS

    Good luck!

  6. sannalee
    sannalee says:

    i found these the other day for brides maids and they are brilliantly unique i love them

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