Anyone fancy Sterling Silver Wood Cufflinks ?

hi friends,

I was surfing the Internet this morning and this pair of wooden silver cufflinks caught my eyes. Wooden cufflinks are not common in our society nowsaday. But I find that a clever combination of wood and silver gives a natural touch to the wearer.

Besides, for the man who loves to dress his best, these cufflinks offer the most elegant of designs. Rectangular pieces of varnished wood are inlaid in these superb sterling silver cufflinks. They are secured with heavy bullet-back clasps.

With a wooden base silver cufflinks, you would probarly want to match it with a natural base colour cuff shirts. How about blue, sunset yellow and gray? I am sure you would agree these colours does goes well!

For more detail on where to purchase you can visit Service Merchandise.

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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