Aspirin or Panadol Cuff Links? Might be for you!

yes yes, this is good stuff…maybe you want to try. A 2-in-1 use cuff links.

Headaches…Who needs them? Who even wants them? Absolutely no one…yet they’re probably more common than the cold and at times downright more irritating, not to mention more painful.

So what’s the best way of limiting the suffering? Being prepared of course. You’ll always have a great place to store your headache pills on a night out with these very inconspicuous rhodium plated cufflinks.

In fact, you’ll find that you’re also able to conveniently store and transport other ailment treating medication.

This ingenious “must have” blingers accessory has a screw-down lid for each cufflink, that once removed, reveals a handy compartment for storing your choice of pills.

With the lids themselves being milled to mimic the shape of an aspirin, they’ll be an easy to find solution come party time, when you’re in real need of curing those headache blues.

Stop your suffering today, in style.

Special thanks to Shaun Campbell for allowing me to put this article from


“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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