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  1. knowitall
    knowitall says:

    you need shirts with french cuffs aka no buttons just 2 holes.

    I have no clue if they can be bought in delhi i imgaine so but be prepared to pay a lot more for them.

    as for the cufflinks just go look at some jewelery stores something simple is always best.

  2. Jeremy L
    Jeremy L says:

    Not sure if they can be found in Cehli, never been there. However, French cuffs can be put into a readymade shirt by a competent tailor, provided the existing cuff is large enough.

  3. The Sorceress
    The Sorceress says:

    glad to know that men are getting serious about some must-buy accessories. I am designing a range of cufflinks at the moment for a fashion accessories house. I am sure you get shirts with cufflink holes at any of the leading retail brands like Allen Solly etc. For good cufflinks check out the one’s that Carbon has. They have an exclusive store in Gurgaon. All the best!

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