Can the groom wear a 3 piece suit?

wedding cufflinks
I’ve found a four-button charcoal suit with subtle grey pinstripes. I was planning on wearing a silverish grey vest and matching tie to my wedding. The vest nearly matches the pinstripes. Do you think this will work or will it look like I’m trying too hard to make it look like a tux?

Also, can I wear cufflinks with this get-up or should I stick with conventional buttons.

Reason being, it wasn’t that much more expensive to buy the suit than rent a tux and they were having a 2 for 1, and I will soon be jopb hunting…Just in case you were curious.

Everyday life seems more exciting with a pair of new cufflinks

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  1. warmkatladycat
    warmkatladycat says:

    You can do whatever you want. It’s YOUR day. In my opinion, I would wear the suit….it seems to be more economical and you will wear it again.

  2. Sean T
    Sean T says:

    Wear what you want it is your wedding. Plus in today’s world I commend you on trying to use your money wisely. The suit can be warn again, 2 fo 1 suit sales rock! Congratulations and enjoy the pinstripes!

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