Can you please help me complete my wedding Tux?

wedding cufflink
Aug 4th Wedding in So. Cal.

This is what i currently have:
1. black 3 button, single breasted tuxedo
2. White Microfiber laydown Shirt (french cuff)
3. White Silk Tie w. white floral pattern (not a bowtie)
4. Patent leather lace-up shoes
5. cufflinks

Now, to finish up, i can go w. the following but can’t decide what to do w. my midsection. Average build. If this was a regular suit, i would wear a belt to finish, but this is a tux w. no belt loops (and belts are a no-no w. tuxes). So the choices are:
1. Nothing. Tux is complete. Assuming jacket/tie is worn at all times, no one will see the midsection.
2. White Vest. heat from outdoor lunch reception may kill me. Only a bit of the vest will show under the 3 bttn tux. i would have to keep the tux jacket open at all times.
3. White Suspenders. Will i look dorky? but then again, if i don’t take off my jacket, no one will see it.
4. Anything else? i thought of cumberbund, but that don’t usually go w. silk tie.
Just a clarification. The reason why i am concerned about the midsection is because i am not usually comfortable with a bare midsection. i usually wear a belt when wearing dress pants and suits. It is NOT to cover a bulging belly or anything like that. Thanks
sorry, more details. all of the stuff that i mentioned above as having, i own. The only things that i can probably take back is the tie or the shirt. But i really like both.
About the tie that i currently have. It is a formal version of a regular necktie (white w. a bit of a sheen plus the floral pattern). it looks formal. Definately not a bowtie.

Like i said, i have most of the tux outfit done, just need the finishing touches.
Congrats, I agree there are so much things to be done before your wedding day. How about applying the solution here.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    You need the white suspenders with the trousers.

    You should wear either a vest or cummerbund.

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