What are different and unique groomsmen gifts?

wedding cufflink

I have 16 days to get my groomsmen something for the wedding. I do not want to get them cufflinks, flasks, or anything like that. Trying to be different. Reason I still havent gotten them yet is because I cant think of anything.

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What kind of thank you gifts can we get my fiance’s groomsmen?

wedding cufflink

No cufflinks, money clips or anything too expensive…..We arent fancy people so nothing too fancy either….What about a bottle of their favorite liquor??? They are all different guys so I really can’t get them all the same thing. Wedding is next Saturday so I need some quick ideas. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure everyone have such headache before. Now is the solution time.

what wedding gifts can i give to the following?

wedding cufflink

my 25 year old friend (female) whos reading a poem at the ceremony
my 18 year old cousin (male) whos playing the violin at the ceremony
3 grooms men aged 12, 14 and 16 (all gifts need to be the same and something they could use again not cufflinks etc)

on a budget so nothing to expensive!
and no vouchers..to impersonal and at xmas when they got some they sold them on ebay!

Wow, fantastic answer from our blog reader. i won’t be able to think of such an answer.