This is part 2 of cufflink glossary, I press the ‘publish’ button too fast.

So here it goes:

Political Theme: Throughout the country’s history, it has been customary for politicians to reward their top campaign workers with a pair of souvenir cuff links. Usually imprinted with the candidate’s name and date, these have become a very popular collectible. These cuff links are much in demand, and capable of high appreciation in value. As can be expected, the worth increases substantially when the candidate dies or retires from office.

Double-faced: Name derives tram cuff links with adornment on both of its faces. Contrast with . “American Toggle”.

“American Toggle”: Popular type of cuff link closure device. Name underscores American preference for simplicity in attaching. Londoners and other cosmopolitan foreign city wearers regard the “toggle” as too casual for the distinctive look desired.

“Singles”: Term used for describing one half of a pair of cuff links. Although many enthusiasts limit their collections to pairs, others seek out Singles and enjoy them as an interesting and usually inexpensive art form. The National Cuff Link Society assists members in locating matching Singles to replace lost or misplaced halves.

Original Box: The original box can add substantially to the value of a pair of cuff links. This is true of contemporary as well as vintage pairs. Some cuff link collectors specialize in boxed pairs. Others take pride in related cuff link items such as vintage ads, containers, salesman’s catalogs and photographs.

Special thanks to Gene Klompus for allowing me to publish these articles,

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