Cuff links view of Huck

Cuff links view of Huck
Hiram Walker's Gentleman advertising cuff links (Image2) 
Let’s take a look at what Huck’s view on cufflinks collecting and why he wear them?
The below is adapated from with permission given from Huck himself.
Huck also run a cufflinker newsletter and online shop at CaptainHucksBooty.
Why Cuff Links? –Why wear them?

Cuff Links show style, elegance, power, and individuality and can be just plain fun. They show so much more about an individual than a customized t-shirt.

Finishing off the cuff with something other than a plastic button shows a degree of care and understated power. Whether there is just a glint of gold or an unusual shape with a stone,
it completes the appearance and shows that this person cares about details and expects that everything should be finished properly. This feeling may be further enhanced with the use of understated faceted or cabochon stones that match or have a nice contrast to the shirt. (Faceted amethyst)
or (cabochon jade-nephite)

Wearing cuff links allows you to be an individual

No matter how many individuals show up wearing cuff links — unless it is a fraternal or alumni meeting — you should be the only one with that particular pair of cuff links. Cuff links give you a way to wear what you want and convey how you feel about yourself. You can wear one-of-a-kind pieces, flamboyant pieces, even diamonds (so much for understated power!) You can show your support for your favorite team, school, organization, type of character,
or favorite pet,
More than any other piece of jewelry or apparel, cuff links provide the opportunity to be unique while still being within the conventions of proper dress.

Cuff links can also be just plain fun.

I often choose my cuff links based on what is going to happen during the day. If I expect a contentious meeting, I may gird for battle with a pair of fighting cocks or pistols,
or daggers,

My favorite pair of cuff links for a boring meeting is the one that has the front and back parts of a horse connected by a chain. It always gives me pleasure pointing the back half toward the individual who is making the meeting boring.

Finally, there are days that just need a bit of whimsey, be it with giraffes with tiny diamonds in their ears or Leprechauns having a bad day on the golf course,
wearing fun cuff links can just brighten the day.

What else can a man wear that allows him to be unique, have fun and demonstrate a sense of style and power? Quite simply, wearing cuff links is fun and looks good.

Why collect them?

Besides all the reasons listed above, cuff links are great for collecting as they are readily available at all price levels — and are of such a great variety that I’m always coming across a pair I never seen before. Cuff links cover virtually every area of interest known to man, they are made from a variety of materials, from base metal to truly precious jewels, and they are small. A collector from Australia relates how happy his wife was when he started collecting cuff links — his other collection is antique farm machinery.

Once again thank you Huck! Do check out  Captain Huck’s Booty

“Specializes in antique and vintage men’s dress accessories, i.e. cufflinks, watches, walking sticks and smoking accessories.
Our goal is to serve the needs of both the collector, who wants to fill in and expand their existing collection and those individuals who want the enjoyment of wearing unique pieces as a fashion statement”.
Adwin Ang
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