Every collectible has its own language. Here are some terms that are familiar to cuff link collectors:

Do-ers: Refers to cuff links that are not only functional as traditional shirt cuff fasteners, they are also capable of doing something else. This includes cuff links that have built-in and working watches, thermometers, music boxes, nail clippers, dice, compasses, knives, pencils, etc.

Commemoratives: These cuff links are designed to recognize a person, place or event,. The late President, Lyndon B. Johnson, commissioned a local jeweler to manufacture cuff links bearing a sketch of the B 1 7 bomber in which he was shot down during a 1942 air attack. Those sterling silver cuff links, including the etched word, SWOOSE (his affectionate nickname for the plane), are now a valuable collector’s item. Cuff links have traditionally been available as souvenirs of Olympic Games, Worlds Fairs, sporting events, and civic anniversaries. “Commemoratives” are rapidly becoming one of the most popular branches of specialization. Besides their appeal as a memento of an important occasion, many collectors regard the “Commemorative” as a good investment. This is confinned by the rapid price appreciation of cuff links carrying the logos of various Wodds Fairs. Recently, a mint condition, 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair 3-piece cuff link and tie bar set was sold by a Maryland Antique dealer for $250. Only 1 year earlier, similar sets were selling for under $200.

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Adwin Ang
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