Cufflinks on William Ruser, Fraternals & Red

Cufflinks on William Ruser, Fraternals & Red

William Ruser
14k Ruser Golfer Cuff Links (Image2)

14k Ruser Golfer Cuff Links (Image4)

14k Ruser Golfer Cuff Links (Image3)
Following World War II, William Ruser opened on Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, and quickly became one of the top jewelers to the stars. While he did make anything a Hollywood star or mogul desired, he is best known for his animals and figurals of whimsy. His unique pieces for women generally included the use of freshwater pearls and you can see many pictures of Hollywood stars, particularly Loretta Young, wearing his creations.

The same sense of whimsy extended to Ruser’s cuff links, but without the freshwater pearls. Many of his cuff links provide a unique slant on various sports.

Ruser retired in 1969. His Rodeo Drive establishment is now the Beverly Hills outpost for Van Cleef & Arpels. Ruser’s pieces are highly valued by collectors for their workmanship and whimsical characteristics.


There are many people that collect fraternal jewelry. It goes beyond members of the fraternal organizations as the pieces are generally quite well done and often great pieces can be found for very nice prices.

Whether the piece is Masonic or involving the Elks or Eagles, Knights of Columbus or Woodsmen of America, they symbolize men getting together in fellowship and brotherhood — probably something that doesn’t happen enough in today’s society! One realizes in these rooms that civility counts and opinions can be made without resorting to the trash talk of the basketball courts, talk radio or Internet chat rooms.

The fraternal cuff links can run the full gamut from base metal pieces through sterling,in enamel,, in stone or other unusual materials, into gold, or in platinum and gold You can also find discreet differences in pieces from various countries. While the above are all Masonic pieces, you can find similar pieces for most of the fraternal organizations and the figural pieces from the Elks and Eagles and Woodsmen of America, are unusual and quite wearable even if you are not a member of that organization.

Red Cuff Links
Red to go with the green from last month’s issue so Christmas will be covered. If anything new comes in before the January issue, I’ll provide an update so everyone can be ready for Valentine’s Day.

The most precious of any red stone is a red diamond, but that is something that has not been used on cuff links. The best red gem seen in cuff links is the ruby. (A ruby is a red carborundum — any other color carborundum is a sapphire). Most commonly, rubies are used as accents, You may also find them invisibly set with diamond accents in quite upscale dress sets. Garnets are used in many the same ways as rubies, including channel cut surrounds.

Large red cabochons may be made from jasper,, carnelian, or red coral

You can also find stones where there are reddish accents within the stone itself. Certainly, there is bloodstone, there may be reddish hints in pieces of moss agate

Beyond actual stones, there are always pieces done in red enamel Whether for the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day or just to add a great splash of color, everyone should have a touch of red in their collection.

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