Designer cufflinks? advice needed?

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I’m looking for some good quality cufflinks to buy for a christmas present, can anyone recommend any good designers or shops but without being ridiculously expensive? I’ve seen some by Simon Carter – is this a good designer and are they good quality?

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  1. Older&Wiser
    Older&Wiser says:

    Don’t go designer – it only encourages outrageous prices. You can get good quality at a normal jeweller’s.

  2. Jooles
    Jooles says:

    I have recently bought a pair of cufflinks for my partner from. They have the biggest and most varied range that I have found and the prices are reasonable. They do nice personalised cufflink boxes too, that has come out really nicely.

    The site was easy to navigate and the delivery was quick. The only thing I would watch out for is that the prices given do not include VAT, which I had not realised so my total went up at the end.

  3. Steve T
    Steve T says:

    Designer cuff links are a special purchase and the receiver of these types of cuff links will greatly apprediate them.

    This site has some amazing designer cuff links in all price ranges.

    check it out:

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