Do you need cufflinks and studs for your shirt for a black tie event?

wedding cufflink

Invited to a black tie wedding. The shirt has normal buttons on it along with slots for cufflinks and studs. Can I just use the normal buttons or do I need to use cufflinks and studs.

If you were to ask andy, he will say dress at your best. Check out our reader answers!

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  1. newyorkgal71
    newyorkgal71 says:

    Cufflinks, of course. They make you look sophisticated, as if you are going to a Black Tie event, which you are. DUH! No, of course not, do NOT use buttons, unless you are going to work.

  2. Fred S - AM Cappo Di Tutti Capi
    Fred S - AM Cappo Di Tutti Capi says:

    Yes; especially with a bow tie, where the front buttons would be visible.

  3. cwstuffff
    cwstuffff says:

    you may use the normal buttons to any event.

    If you have favorite or expensive cuff links or studs you may use them instead

  4. Bromeliad
    Bromeliad says:

    Generally speaking, if the event is formal enough to be called “Black Tie” then studs and links should be worn. They do not have to be expensive–in fact the plainer the classier.

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