Do you wear double-sided cufflinks?

Perhaps you have seen to much of the conventional single cufflinks. How about double-side cufflinks?

Below is a nice pair of heavy silver double-sided cufflinks, the faces with gold appliqués. Each oval face has an cast foliate border surrounding the yellow gold appliqués with engine-turned engraving. The connectors are marked “835”, “Gold front” and also with a French hallmark used to denote pieces that are made from a combination of gold and silver.

Origin: Scandinavia, ca. 1910. Condition: excellent, all original. Size: 3/4” x 9/16”.

Weight: 17.75 grams.
You can get it at Kensington House Antiques.

Having featured so much on men’s cufflinks, let me draw your attention to ladies cufflinks. Seen from another side, the Ladies double cufflinks is set in silver with textured 18ct gold in the faces. Design is a A+++ for female wearer. You might want to check it out at DD2.CO.UK

How about getting a double cufflinks collector case?

This is double decker version of our classic. Gorgeous black leather collector’s case features a glass top for viewing a collection of up to 60 pairs of cufflinks. wow, is this great! Ideal for presentation to your friends or fellows cufflinks collector.

Best of all luxuriously lined with a heavy black velvet lining. Cool! For the price?

Well, $195 in case you ask.

P.S: Just to clear your doubt, I am not affiliate to the above shop.

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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