Emergency Cufflinks! Anyone?

Hi everyone,

I found something what I called a innovative cuff links – The emergency cuff links. This is a wafer thin sheet of etched steel that comes complete with two pairs of twist-out emergency cufflinks for all those time. You might have experience leaving your real ones at home while rusing to work or lost one of them while running for the bus.

Better still, being the size of a credit card, you can neatly store them in your wallet or purse, allowing them to be always on hand even in the most awkward of situations.

I am think of getting one pair to slip into my wallet. What about you? Too bad I dont sell them. It is avaliable on the Internet. But now alot of online shop already out of stock!

Emergency Cufflinks are about 52.5 x 85 mm in size, come packaged as a wafer thin sheet of etched steel and include two pairs of twist-out cufflinks.

Special thanks to Shaun Campbell for allowing me to put this article from LatestBuy.com

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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