Feng Shui Cuff Links To Change Your Luck?

dear friends,

Been a person who is interested in both Feng Shui and Cuff links have given me the idea to marry the 2 interests together. I am think of coming up with a series of personalised feng shui cuff links for you. What do you think?

Well, I do see feng shui gaining its popularity in Singapore and in Worldwide premise. Hmm, how about this ? Wearing Feng Shui Cuff links to your daily work to added extra meaning to just a normal pair of cuff links. Meaning only you know. Be it love luck, promotion luck,relationship luck you can alternate on days which suits you.

In Chinese feng shui, there ARE 5 elements which government the balance of the universe. They are: Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal. The 5 element played an integral part together with Chinese characters or symbols.

My findings on Feng Shui Cuff Links on the Internet amazed me as there are just a handful of sellers who really go into making them. Most design are not really up to the standard which is of my liking.

But nevertheless, this particular Feng Shui Cuff links piece strike me.

A pair of longevity cuff links to symbolise long life and good health.Materials are sterling silver & red enamel. What a wonderful combination! Don’t you think so?

Feng Shui Cuff Links can be made in combination with different gems stone and most lasting metal would be Stainless steel. In terms of maintainence, I am sure you know Silver do oxides and much care need to be taken.

Well, what do you think of my idea? Do use the comment below.

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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