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I already know how I’m going to formally ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding party. I’m sure my fiance will figure out a fun way to ask his groomsmen.

What if we know who we want to be ushers and readers already? How do we formally ask them? And what are some nice ideas to ask them? For example…I’m thinking about a small gift, like cufflinks or a tie with a note inside formally asking if they would like to be part. Would like to keep this a gift $5-8per person…so maybe the above idea may not be so great.

I would love your creative answers!

Fantastics answer by one of our blog reader. Read more below.

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  1. Jennifer L
    Jennifer L says:

    What about a Usher CD wrapped up and tell them it has something to do with your wedding…

  2. leaptad
    leaptad says:

    I’m not sure why you would give them a gift. It would almost be like you were “paying” them. We just called up the readers and asked them over the phone. If you can ask them face-to-face then you should do that. A card is fine, but can’t you just ask?

  3. Rox
    Rox says:

    Send a nice card or letter to anyone out of town you are asking to be a part of your wedding celebration. For those close by, invite them to your home for an informal lunch, dinner, etc. and ask them personally. This can be done one on one or as a group. No gifts. Congrats

  4. smdfairy8
    smdfairy8 says:

    I am getting married in October and I just recently purchased my bridesmaids really cute engraved charm bracelets on. They are only $8.99 + shipping. Very cute and reasonably priced in my opinion.

  5. orangeflameninja
    orangeflameninja says:

    Giving a gift makes it hard for your potential attendants to refuse. I think gifts should be saved for the rehearsal dinner or even the reception.

  6. Tweety
    Tweety says:

    First of all congratulations on your engagement. This will be an exciting time for you.

    How to formally ask the bridal party, here are a few choices. You can set up a get together of just the people you want to have in your bridal party, and at some point in the night, make an announcement that they have all been invited because you would like them all to be in your bridal party.

    Another way would be to send them cards that are specifically written for each specific role: bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl, etc.

    You don’t really have to give a gift when asking people to be in your wedding, since you’ll be giving them a gift at the rehearsal dinner anyway, and this way you can give them a more substantial gift instead.

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