Getting Gold Cufflinks Hallmarked in UK?

Getting Gold Cufflinks Hallmarked in UK?

I got this question posted by a subcriber to Unique Cufflinks Resource so I though of sharing this with you here.

Hi, I was given 18kt gold cufflinks bought in an upmarket GEM factory
in Thailand, Bangkok. The place was fully iso registered and Thai gov endorsed.
The cufflinks came with a cert of authenticity from the government as well.
I would like to get them hallmarked in the UK…..can anyone point me
in the right direction,advice,tips or costs,etc.
If the process was not too complicated, I would consider
going myself to buy some quality jewelry, as the workmanship and
quality of these items are superlative.  any advice will be very much appreciated…………

Thanks, James


In the UK, Hallmarking is done by the Assay Offices.
The 4 offices are in London,Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. 
There is a minimum charge which can be quite high. It’s alright if you want lots of items of the same purity marked, but at around £15 +VAT its a lot for a single item. It is likely to be a little more for finished items – things are usually marked before they are finished.

The Assay Office has to scrape bits of gold off for the test.
On top of the minimum charge there is a marking charge per item of
around 11p +VAT. 

You need to contact your nearest Assay Office (they’re in the
‘phone book) and they will tell you what to do if you are not registerd.
If you are registered you just fill in the appropriate form and hand the
item(s) over.

Hope this information can help you with your question. Let me know if you need more information I will try my best to track it down.
see exampled below on hallmarked cufflinks
Adwin Ang
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