Gold Cufflinks For Special Occasions

Having read the CD “The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes” from Andy Gilchrist.
I do agree that gold cufflinks should be worn during the day as it is more catchy. I can imagine if you were to wear gold cufflinks in the evening it might send a signal to whomever you are dinning with, that you have an important meeting to go after your dinner.

So, which occasions do you wear gold cufflinks?
Well, you can said that in today context, the rules seems to be thinner or does not exist. However, if you consider the importance of the events,yes. Gold cufflinks should be worn on occasion like your graduation day,your wedding day and your job interview. These are the 3 most important occassion which I consider would imppact your life thereafter.

All three event mentions will leave a lasting impression for you and others. You might event get compliment for good dressing sense.

Well, you might consider the price of gold cufflinks to be much higher than sterling and gems stone cufflinks. This is not true.

I did a search and found that gold cufflinks can be classified into 9K,14K,18K,24K gold plated types. (the more common type)

9K Gold Cufflinks

For 9K gold cufflinks is consider to be mid-range, from 400 USD to 600 USD per pair.

14K Gold Cufflinks

For 14K gold cufflinks ranges from 200 USD to 400 USD.

18K Gold Cufflinks

The more popular 18K gold cufflinks which range from 400 USD to 1500 USD is considered the highest in price.

24K Gold Cufflinks

Finally, for 24K gold cufflinks the price range is the lowest. Can be from 30 USD to 100 USD. I would recommend if you wanted a least expensive gold cufflinks, this is a good start.

Do store your gold cufflinks separate from your collection of cufflinks.
You can say that woman spend most on diamonds and while men spends most on cufflinks when come to dressing.

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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