Grading A Cuff Link Collection [Hot Tips!]

Grading A Cuff Link Collection [ Hot Tips! ]
By Gene Klompus, National Cuff links Society,
Summaries by Adwin Ang, with special permission from Gene

Hi everyone,

As promise, I am writing this article on grading a cufflink collection to help collector realise their cufflinks value. You might disagree with some of the point but please let me know your point of view as well in the comment area.

Well, I bet you have a collection of cufflinks right now. The grading of collectibles is not just a matter of learning a bunch of definitions and applying it to the item under examination. Grading is really more complex and complicated than what you think. To grade and judge the cufflink is a tough job unless the collector recognize whether the pair (or single) is common,rare, antique,contemporary,precious or costume,etc.

Why grading systems?

There are many different definitions used in grading of collectibles. And cufflinks grading systems assure fairness. Let’s look into the various factors. As a cufflinks collector you better know them. ( National Cuff link society used the criteria to grade cuff links and are widely accepted by a wide variety of collectibles.

1. Mint
Most dealers and appraisers agree that the term should be reserved for the perfect specimen. The item  should be unconditionally free of flaws.

2. Mint in Original Box
This rating is identical to the above definition of Mint, but as the name implies, requires that the pair is contained in its original box. Yup, the box must too be flawless.

3. Excellent
The pair of cufflinks reflects little handling. Although it may have been worn,there are no visible signs of wear. There may be minor imperfections that are only discernible under a 10X loupe.

4. Very Good

You teacher must say this to you countless of time. Just joking. The pair must reflects only slight wear to the naked eye. However, the overall condition is very clean and similar in finish and appearance to its original state. There are no signs of repair.

5. Good

The pair only reflects wear including slight scratches. However, there are no visual signs of corrosion even under a 10X magnification.

6. Fair
The pair reflects regular wear including scratches,dents and chips. There are maybe signs of quality repair. Although there may be evidence of corrosion on the back, shank or closure, the face(s) are corrosion free. The pair must be functional.

7. Poor

The pair is broken, missing parts,heavily scratched, corroded, dented or distorted from its original condition.

8. Others on Original Cuff links boxes
Same set of criteria apply to the box, its markings and related ephemera; this includes original price marks,descriptive inserts and other point of prove to purchase is good.

In addition, you must provide serious collector with guidelines for evaluating a pair or whole set of cuff links collection, the grading knowledge you have learn is invaluable for buying,selling and determining when to insure. A common understanding between the collectors and dealers base on the grading systems will help you to speaks the same language or prepare you for a better price negotiation.

Watch out for the next posting on “WHY COLLECT CUFFLINKS!” tomorrow morning. Good day!

This is an article fully originated by Gene and publish by Adwin Ang.
Please email me if you intend to syndicate this article. No part of this article shall be alter without permission from me. Thank you.

Adwin Ang
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