Great Anniversary gift idea?

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My fiance and I are going to be celebrating our first anniversary this month (yes I know, I waited until the last minute:) ) and I was hoping that someone could offer me some great gift ideas. I was thinking of getting him a really beautiful set of cufflinks to wear at our wedding. He is a very sentimental/emotional guy, not big into sports (scrapbooks are out, he already made one for me). Thank you!!
Luv2Answer–Despite the fact that I should in no way be defending my relationship to you, who obviously has some sort of bitterness/bad history, I feel that I should clarify that we have known each other for many years -this is our the anniversary of officially declaring our relationship to be a romantic one. We will be married in June of 2009. Please, answerers stick to the question and refrain from condemning my relationship. Thanks : )

Don’t worry! We have some nice reader that will give you the fantastic solution!

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  1. Luv2Answer
    Luv2Answer says:

    Anniversary as in you are getting married soon and haven’t even been together a year yet? Good Luck.

  2. Sydney
    Sydney says:

    My husband and I enjoy going to bed and breakfasts on our anniversaries – they are great romantic getaways without going too far from home. 🙂

  3. Mrs. R.
    Mrs. R. says:

    I LOVE the cufflink idea. I’m pretty practical too though so unless he can wear them again I don’t think I would want to spend the money. Does he dress up enough for work or other events to use them again? I know my husband is a pen freak and a knife freak. LAMY ( makes some cool pens from $15 to hundreds. We love those.. some are very nice. The knife thing I wouldn’t do unless you know he would like it but I know I can’t go wrong buying a knife! Good luck!!

  4. Monider
    Monider says:

    Yes, I’d go with the cufflinks or a dress ring. They are practical but something he can always keep to remind him of you. Hope your wedding is fantastic and you have a long and happy life together..

  5. valpal72
    valpal72 says:

    My husband told me that your fiance would have to buy a special shirt for the cuff links with two holes at the end of the sleeves. He thinks it is a nice idea.
    He would be more likely to wear a tie clip than cuff links though.

    Also, an engraved watch would be nice, but I don’t believe in buying men watches or shoes. I am a bit superstitious and believe giving such a gift means you will watch them walk away from you… or it will be a matter of time before they leave you. It it is a silly thing but everytime I gave these items the relationship ended…lol.

    For our one year anniversary I did not want a clock or a watch! Instead we chose the paper…lol.

  6. corrine
    corrine says:

    Try this website, since he is emotional and sentimental.

    This company sells wind chimes that you can have inscribed with your feelings, blessings, and love. They have a great selection of sizes, colors, wind sail shapes, and they even give you examples of things to say if you cant think of something. Check out their illustration to, I guarantee your gift will hit his heart!

  7. Missisip
    Missisip says:

    Photo turned into special art picture!
    A friend of mine recommended (they converts ordinary photos into art and print them on canvas).
    I sent them a photo. They made several preview samples for me. All of them were perfect. I chose one of them and order a canvas stretched print. That was awesome!

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