Help with gifts for my Ushers?

wedding cufflinks

I have 4 ushers at my wedding and i’m struggling to find a suitable gift. I don’t want to get them cufflinks as they won’t use them again. Their ages are 15,21,28 and 30.

What can i get them???

Guys, we need your creativity juice to flow!

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  1. Christina V
    Christina V says:

    my husband got them movies tickets (we had rather young ones 15, 17, 19) it was something they all could use 🙂

  2. Stacia T
    Stacia T says:

    My fiance and I are giving our groomsmen pocket watches engraved with their initials. That way they’ll all be on time for the wedding! 🙂

  3. MJ
    MJ says:

    The three who are 21 and older, get an engraved beer stein. The 15 year old is about to get his drivers license so I would get him an engraved key chain.

  4. Ashlie
    Ashlie says:

    my husband got his sets of mini colognes. They came in this nice leather case….it was a calvin klien collection and it came with I think 1 oz bottles of 5 different scents in the line….they seemed to like it and its something they could actually use, and they can have variety in what smell they wear from day to day!

    here’s an ebay link to something similar:

    Hope it helps!

  5. pixiefeet
    pixiefeet says:

    Hi I am stuggling with this too as Im getting married in a few weeks and its doing my head in, My ages are 18,28 and 31 to be 32,lol and I havent a clue like you say all the stuff they have for ushers they wont use again like cuff links, cups or socks with Usher on, I think these are a waste of money. The only thing I have seen that might be worth getting are little bottles of alcohol, like the Jack daniels with a glass around £3 in asda, as they will drink this and probably use the glass for more drinks. But as yours is a 15 year then you stuggle with the alcohol.

    I think what would be best and what I might do is, get them a card and a keyring or something and in put £10 in the ushers card andfor the older ones and say have a drink on us and on the younger ones just put get your self something nice. Im sure there will be a CD or a game they would like to buy even if the other ushers are older and they dont drink there is always an album or dvd coming out, as least they will get what they want and still have the card and a little something to remind them of you wedding day . Its just a thought I was having as all the rest is just a waste of money, and they even have orniment and things and as my ushers are my brothers I know once they get home it will be left somewhere and not looked after so it will be a waste and its not what they want

    If you have any other ideas please let me know.

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