hi i am starting a new internet shop selling cufflinks, hip flasks etc?

buy cufflinks
can anyone please tell me where i can buy cufflinks and hip flasks at wholesale prices?
can any one tell me where i can find wholesalers
and strippa go take a running jump not interested in your stupid answers. and for your info i have been doing very well selling these items before but my last supplier has stopped stocking.
Well, if you’re interested to get directly from CHINA, do drop me your contact. I frequent china for sourcing.

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  1. strippa
    strippa says:

    Do you have a karge market for such things at a time of economic crisis?

    Do you know a lot of lords???

  2. loulou
    loulou says:

    Go along to the autumn fair at the birmingham NEC which is on the 1st weekend of September and you will find lots of giftware wholesalers!

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