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  1. funky_monkey
    funky_monkey says:

    Um, well the shirt needs to have a spot for cufflinks. Many shirts come with buttons already (on the sleeve) so you dont need cufflinks. It kinda depends on what kind of cufflinks you have.

  2. skcs69
    skcs69 says:

    They work just buttons, but the long sleves dont have buttons, but small slits in the cuff to put the cufflinks throught. You might have to get him a new shirt also, that cufflinks can be used.

  3. Mike/Paddy
    Mike/Paddy says:

    You need a shirt with two cuff button-holes on each sleeve. The side of the cuff-link with any design etc., goes on the outside of the sleeve in each case. In actual fact, cuff-links are seldom seen unless the wearer removes his/her jacket…………

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