How to use collar stays and cufflinks?

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Hello, I just bought a gift set to my husband wich includes ‘collar stays’ and ‘cufflinks’.
I’m not sure about the cufflinks, just wanted to confirm how to use it….about the collar stays I have to idea how to use it!
And I really want to know before giving him the present – Xmas…just in case that he doesn’t know aswell and will ask me :o!
Please guys, help me!!!
Thanks 🙂

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  1. Mrs Fun Stuff
    Mrs Fun Stuff says:

    Some shirts have little pockets in the “points” of the collar where you can insert the collar stays. This keeps the collar stiff and stop the curling effect.

    Most mass manufactured shirts now have them made of plastic and stitched into the collar and are not removable.

    Cufflinks, most of my husbands are quite simple to operate, they are kind of hinged, so you have them straight and thread it through both parts of the cuff and then bend the hinge to a 90 degree angle which keeps the cuff closed!

    Hope this helps!

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