I am getting married in two weeks and would like to get my future hubby a nice gift?

wedding cufflink

I was going to get him cufflinks, but he went out and got them himself. Any suggestions on a nice gift I can give him the day of the wedding?

I agree there are so much things to be done before your wedding day. How about applying the solution here.

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  1. Mr. Taco
    Mr. Taco says:

    Congratulations! You ARE his gift! He doesn’t need anything else except a good wedding night. Good luck!

  2. branddxb
    branddxb says:

    a difital photo frame that plays videos and shows the pix. men love gizmo, so it is better to stick to electronics. otherwise u can get him matching luggage.

  3. msjd
    msjd says:

    I say give him something nice that he can keep forever and will remind him of your time together.

    This could be a simple necklace that he can wear always under his shirt, that represents something that you two did together.

  4. David N
    David N says:

    Ask him… He then also knows that you are getting it and can get you something. You say you wont be disappointed if he does not, but you will be.

    Some lingerie is nice though! Go to for some ideas

  5. leaf
    leaf says:

    I know it will sounded dated but how about a high quality pocket watch with your wedding date engraved on it? He probably won’t carry it everyday but it will be something to keep forever and he can give it to your child on their wedding day.

    Good luck and have fun!

  6. Parisian
    Parisian says:

    I bought my husband two gifts just before our wedding and to this day, 3 years later, he still uses both.

    The first was a large George Forman grill and the second was matching bathrobes that I had monogrammed.

    I highly recommend both!

  7. Kiki L
    Kiki L says:

    You could give him a nice watch for the big day!
    If he wares necklaces you could give him one.
    If he likes get him a club and engrave in the golf club “I ve got you’r balls”
    Something that will have meaning will be perfect.

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