i found a photo ?

wedding cufflinks

Interesting read, here it goes:

hidden in the drawer, night stand. i was looking around franctically when i saw a receipt for a ring somewhere else…Instead i saw a photo of my hubby with his baby’mama tucked underneath his cufflinks box!??..and it was just placed next to my post-wedding morning polaroids that we took together in bed….Is he thinking about her,…wanting to leave me…??? my heart breaks , feeling so sad ,…cried the whole day today….what should i do??….confront him alone.or not..??pls help
well,…we’re currenty going for couple counselling cause he says he no longer has “love’ for me,…he says it just gone after my birthday”april”…
what about the “ring” receipt??…i didnt get a ring on my birthday…BTW, i am wifey No2 and found out that he had lied about being divorced,SO we had to wed for the 2nd time after his persuasion about being “sincere” about us….I have lots of “trust issues” with him…

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  1. devil_queen_biatch14
    devil_queen_biatch14 says:

    woo get more info first. dont jump the gun so fast say to him hey honey i found this pic of ya babi momma why is it here

  2. bamrockstar44
    bamrockstar44 says:

    ask him.
    just b like. i wasnt trying to go thru ur stuff but….

    and just ask him about it…ask him wat u asked us..he will give u the best answer

  3. Repunzel
    Repunzel says:

    You’ll never know unless you talk to him about it. Chances are (as much as it sucks) he still has some sort of feeling for the mother of his child, but that’s natural. You’re the one he married.

  4. backee
    backee says:

    clarify with him.. guessing wont help much… mayb its just some small misunderstanding…

  5. Teeley
    Teeley says:

    I say don’t jump to conclusions. Think before you react. Ask him clamly why the picture is their. Don’t yell and scream.

  6. BossLady
    BossLady says:

    You should definitely confront him and let him know how you feel about him keeping the photo and that you wish he didn’t. But don’t be so quick to think that he wants to leave you… toughen up!

  7. Sassy_Woman
    Sassy_Woman says:

    Absolutely confront him, when you calm down a bit. That pix of her and him should be in a box some where for the baby when they get much, much older. Should not be accessible at all! Should defiantly not in the same place as you intimate photos,……in a box-in the attic, for the kid. Try to think of it that way.

    I do understand, trust me I do. I am wife #2.


    your getting upset about nothing. your boyfriend had a baby with his last girlfriend its no big deal he will eventually do it to you then trade you in for a hotter version just like the first one until he has an army of children and baby mammas. thats called a hood rich army.

  9. hotty06
    hotty06 says:

    no don’t cry. you are crying over what you think is happening. He might just have the picture there since he didnt want you to see it not because he wants to be with her it could be something as simple as not hurting you. Maybe he didnt want you to feel bad that he has that picture. If you decide to ask him dont do it in a confrontational matter because then he will be afraid to tell you the truth. You know your hubby better than all of us, so you should know how long he has been with his baby’s mommy.
    There are so many maybes so just talk to him if you can. But dont waste your tears when you dont know why the picture is there.
    Hope you feel better.

  10. OmiUbiaja
    OmiUbiaja says:

    You must talk to him about this.
    Remember that you are his wife and she’s the baby’mama.You are the one with power so don’t lose.

  11. Sun R
    Sun R says:

    i keep a snapshot of my daughters father & I, it is put up (in a drawer somewhere too), it doesn’t mean that I want anything at all with him. I keep it for my daughter, we split up when she was only 6 mo. I want her to know it wasn’t always like it is now with him & me. I want her to know that she was born into a family that did intend on staying together, but that isn’t how life worked out. I am married now and the way I explained it to my husband is this, I married him, not my ex, but it is important to me that my daughter see that it wasn’t always this way between her father and me and basically all she has is snapshots. I don’t keep it on the walls with our family pic’s, or even in our family photo albums, it is kept for her albums when she is older.

  12. partypixy
    partypixy says:

    Trust a woman who has seen this happen…if he’s just up and “lost” his love for you, move on. It’s always sad when a marriage ends, but you deserve to be happy and confident in a relationship…everybody does. Don’t sit and wait to see if he “finds” it again. Love isn’t something that happens, it’s something you do..if he’s “loosing” and “finding” it he’s not working on it. Good Luck to you!

  13. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    You found a ring receipt and didn’t get a ring??? He has lied to you? And told you his love is gone for you??? Girl,,, pack his stuff up and send him out the door and make sure you give him the photo you found…
    Life is to short to be feeling insecure and unloved… Why are you wasting your time on a man that lies and you have trust issues… ???
    You can’t love him enough for the both of you.You both have to put 100% into a relationship, and he’s not doing his part…

  14. treasuredwife69
    treasuredwife69 says:

    I don’t blame you for being pissed off. Any wife would. If I were you I would sit him down and hand him the box. Tell him he has only 60 seconds to make you understand or he can pack up and leave Dodge.

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