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  1. bex920
    bex920 says:

    Have a letter delivered to him at work with a sexy message inside telling him where to meet you at a wonderful B & B for a romantic evening.

  2. deezpumpkin
    deezpumpkin says:

    Take naughty pictures…There are places that take pictures of you in near to nothing, not the tacking sexy pictures but ones that will make you feel sexy too..Make one 5X7 and like a couple of wallet ones, get him a new wallet an tell him you put a picture of you in it..

  3. The Emperor of Ecstasy
    The Emperor of Ecstasy says:

    I LIKE BEX920’S ANSWER…..Make it a wonderful evening of togetherness….Make him know you love him….and congrats on the 10yrs…..good luck

  4. javelin
    javelin says:

    Reservations at Hedonism III in Jamacia. That’s what we did and it really changed our outlook on life.

  5. Fotomama
    Fotomama says:

    A romantic getaway for two. A really great b&b somewhere. And then show up naked with bubbly and snacks. 🙂

  6. Wendy F
    Wendy F says:

    Make him a blog/timeline and tell him how much you love him and talk about all the great times you have had together. My boyfriend used to make one for me and I loved it. It is free to do and we both keep it updated as our relationship grows.

  7. Reserved
    Reserved says:

    Here’s something creative that will be appreciated and you will have fun doing:

    Make up a crossword puzzle and have all the hints be personal inside moments and jokes that only you two would know about. Put it on a poster board and add some clipart and some pictures to it!

    The crossword puzzle could be time consuming and a bit frustrating … you could do the same idea with a WORDSEARCH or WORDFIND puzzle.

    Put your computer skills to work! Use Excel, get clipart from Yahoo Images Search, copy them, and reformat them, use a gluestick to put on posterboard.

    Use graph paper, and pictures from magazines if you are not as good on the computer, and it will give it a homemade feeling.

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