Ideas to honor those passed away?

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My fiance’s dad passed away when he was only 8. We will be getting married at the age of 20. So, everyone has already grieved and is used to him not being there. However, I would like to do something special to honor his dad on our wedding day. I want it to be in the form of a gift from me to my fiance. I saw someone on a tv show give personalized cuff links with the groom’s brothers’ names; the brothers passed away while in the army. I don’t necessarily want to give cufflinks (I do like the idea, though) b/c there is only one person to honor, not two people. Any suggestions???
We are going to see each other before the ceremony. So, I want to give it to him then. I want it to be something he can have on him somehow.

Open to your answer. Thanks!

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  1. kayla m
    kayla m says:

    Lighting candles is really pretty at the wedding! A gift could be those candles! So sorry to hear that good luck on the wedding!

  2. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    How about an ID bracelet with his name engraved on the top, then – if they can do it – engrave something on the underside about his dad – his name, or something meaningful.
    However, I worry about doing something like this for the wedding day, don’t think it’s really appropriate.
    Usually, the best place to mention deceased loved ones is when the two of you do your talk at the reception.

  3. lizzy_22_1999
    lizzy_22_1999 says:

    My mom had passed away and my husband gave me a pic of her in a really nice frame with the flower that all the “moms” and aunts were wearing at the wedding and he told me that I should place it by the guest signe in book so everyone would see how special she was and still is!

  4. serenity
    serenity says:

    if it’s in your budget a slide show during the wedding reception would be beautiful. i have seen that done on one of those wedding shows and everyone enjoyed it. the picture frame thing is a good idea too. plus i think your fiancee would be honored at the fact that you remembered him. it’s very thoughtful.

  5. ahhchoooo
    ahhchoooo says:

    I personally wouldn’t do this because it brings up something that shouldn’t be focused upon on your wedding day.

    My sister had a tribute to those in our family that passed away during her wedding and it was so cheeesy and it just made those that are still sensitive about it in the family feel horrible.

  6. jerryv
    jerryv says:


  7. Tanner
    Tanner says:

    Maybe in the paper presenting how the ceremony will take place, you can make a mention of the “respects to the deceased” to honor them.

  8. Hilary B
    Hilary B says:

    I’m not sure if you’re going to have a unity candle at your ceremony, but if you are, go to the link below and check out their memorial candles. My mom passed away when I was 13, and my fiance just recently lost his grandma, so we had them engrave both of their names on the candle to symbolize our families coming together, even those who are only there in spirit. It’s something I know we will treasure forever, long after the wedding. This would be a great idea if your fiance isn’t a cuff link and jewelry kind of guy (like mine!)

    While we’re lighting the candle, we’re going to have my cousin sing “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion; if all else fails, you can always pick a song for you and your fiance to dance to, or to share some kind of personal moment together, before, during or after the ceremony.

    Hope that helps!

  9. dustbaby1
    dustbaby1 says:

    I have 2 ideas…one is a gift , one is a thoughtful gesture. For the gift , I would give him one of those guardian angel pins..let him wear it inside his jacket pocket , right over his heart , representing his dad. As for an added sweet bonus , I would reserve an extra seat at the reception and place a rose on the chair in honor of his father. If you don’t have the room for the extra seat , you can simply place a rose on the pew at the church , next to the groomsmen. Good Luck!

  10. Penny D
    Penny D says:

    What about the idea of a monogrammed hankerchief that your fiance could wear in his lapel of the tux?

  11. leela
    leela says:

    My brother and my grandma passed away. So at my wedding I had a vase of blue carnations (My brother was a Dallas Cowboy fan) and white roses ( My grandma’s favorite flower) on a pedestal with pictures. We also had the officiant say a prayer to remember them.

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