Internet Wealth Code 2006 24th to 25th March 2006

Hi everyone,

Wow, I have attended the 2 days Internet Wealth code seminar at YWCA. You bet it is worth evey single cent spend on what we have learn over a short period of 2 days.

Speakers like Jo Han Mok,Ewen Chia,Tom Hua,Patric Chan,Fabian Lim,Stephen Pierce,Morgan Westerman & David Cavanagh were there to reveal their secerts to us. Well, they have made tons of money online and I guess every serious Internet Marketers or newbies should have at least attended this seminar.

Jam packed with their techniques and softwares behind that helped to automate their system was really an eye-open for me.

Over 400 plus participants have attended this event this year. Wow, Singaporean give yourself around of appluase. This have come to a point that make me realised that actually Singaporean are tired of their daily routine 9 to 5 jobs.

Everyone now are seeking a lifestyle not a job nor just simply a career. This moving trends towards a better quality of life by leveraging on technology have engulf most people in developed or developing countries.

The power of technologies have put us in a state where you can easily not only gather information on demand but “Money”. Yes, like Jo Han have said “You need a system to run your online business,automate it and command Cash on demand.”

Friends, whether you like to use a computer or not is no longer a choice. It have become part of our life and you need to know how it can impact your life.

Mark my word this will be the way of life in the near future whether you like it or not.

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