Is it acceptable to give earrings to women and cufflinks to men as wedding favors?

wedding cufflink

Please note: wedding favors are to be given to all guests. I am well aware that gifts for the bridal party are seperate. I agree with many of the comments below in regards to the cuff links though I’m struggling for ideas for guys. Other thoughts include a nice pen, a wallet, etc.

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  1. Christina V
    Christina V says:

    i do not know about the cufflinks, how often are the men going to wear them?

    the earrings yes, they can be worn often probably.

  2. pspoptart
    pspoptart says:


    The problem with earrings for ladies is twofold….one, they may not all have pierced ears. two, you have to deal with finding out who wears yellow gold and who wears silver jewelry. If you were planning on getting the earrings from a place like Claires you are running a high chance that the girls won’t be able to wear them. The nickel in those earrings causes an allergic reaction in many people.

    Cufflinks…same as earlier post. There really isn’t a use for them.

    I think you need to stick with consumables for your favors. Everybody eats.

    For the guys, what about getting a cigar roller. You pick a few signature tobaccos for your wedding and he hand rolls cigars for the guys at the wedding and makes some for them to take home. Watching him do them is also pretty entertaining. Ours even does chocolate cigars for the ladies.

    For the ladies some chocolates and a bottle of champagne with a glass to take home. Perhaps add a small bottle of bubble bath for a relaxing evening after they get home. The brooch idea is a thought, or you can get bracelets/necklaces instead of earrings…you still have the same problem of whether they wear silver or gold jewelry.

  3. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I wouldn’t, personally, but you need to think of what the people attending your wedding would like. Earrings are not perfect because not everyone has pierced ears, even if the majority does. Cufflinks are nice, but not worn often.

  4. bluegirl6
    bluegirl6 says:

    Wow. Wont that cost a lot? And a lot of men dont wear cufflinks….I know my man doesnt. What is wrong with the traditional chocolates or sugared almonds. People seem to be spending so much money on gifts these days. Good luck to you tho, it is a nice thought.

  5. nataliexoxo
    nataliexoxo says:

    i agree with other posters. not sure how often a man would wear cufflinks. unless the guests are that caliber of person. no offense, joe schmo probly doesn’t wear them more than once every few years if that, joe banker lawyer will wear them often.
    earrings would be very nice.
    maybe a money clip or bottle opener- a nice one would be good for guys

  6. abbysamnme
    abbysamnme says:

    I think that’s great for women……just make sure they know so they don’t spend money on earrings themselves. For men, check this out.
    I’m not sure if they drink, but we received a pewter mug once that was really nice. Money clips are nice too. When we got married, my husband gave each groomsman a fishing pole because we knew they all loved to fish (nothing super expensive, but nice). Hope this helps!

  7. ERICA L
    ERICA L says:


  8. Nattiedred
    Nattiedred says:

    I did earrings and for the men it was cufflinks they loved them, I had their initals engraved for the cufflinks

  9. Patty G
    Patty G says:

    Wedding favors are given to your guests who come to your wedding and they are normally set on a table alone or sometimes on the guests table.

    Gifts to your bridal party are normally given at the rehersal dinner the night before the wedding. Giving a male “cufflinks” is not very useable to the guy as the chances of them wearing “french cuff” shirts is less than none.

    Your groom should be looking for something for the guys and perhaps looking into a nice wallet or something they could use all the time.

  10. Suz
    Suz says:

    No. As favors, those gifts are too much. Besides, not all women have pierced ears or wear earrings. Not all men wear cuff links.

    For favors, I suggest something simpler and more generic. Jordan almonds? A small candle?

    I once received Hershey’s candies with note attached: Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. and Mrs.

    Something little like that will be fine.

    If you are talking about gifts for the wedding party, then I suggest this site:

    And yes, for the bridal party . . . gifts of earrings and cuff links may be appropriate.

  11. JM
    JM says:

    I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why. Firstly, men don’t wear cufflinks all that often. (usually only when they wear a tuxedo and how often is that). Secondly, as far as the earrings go, don’t assume that everyone has their ears pierced or can wear earrings. I have a friend in her 30’s who does not have pierced earrings. And then there are people like me who got their ears pierced but cannot wear earrings because I am allergic to anything that goes in. (Real gold included) My ears get all puffy and red.
    Give them something they can use or something they can eat. If you are willing to spend the money, maybe some fine chocolates like Godiva, or a nice bottle of wine.
    I gave out small bottles of wine, and it really turned out to be quite inexpensive. (I got the wine from a wholesale distributor) Everyone liked the fact that the favors wouldn’t collect dust.
    (Save the jewelry for the wedding party)

  12. kittens
    kittens says:

    I think the earrings are good for the women.I think men like a nice bottle of some kind of liquor.If they don’t drink then something else that suits that person.

  13. kelly a
    kelly a says:

    i am buying my bridesmaids earrings and necklaces but to use as party favors no i dont think so. a nice snap shot of the couple is fine but not that extravagance…

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