Knots Cufflinks

Knots Cufflinks
I think knots cufflinks have been the love of many till date. Let’s take a closer look at them.
Not the Gordian knot that Alexander solved with his sword! Rather, one of the classiest cuff link style. Knots have been produced in all materials and at all levels of quality. Knot cuff links come in silk (you’ll often see these mixed together in a beer glass at the counter of a men’s store) base metal, silver, gold and even can be jeweled.Except, maybe, for an over-the-top white-tie affair, knot cuff links can take you virtually everywhere that cuff links can be worn (not advisable for the beach!)

They are a classic design with enough variety that you can still decide which makes your statement for the day.

Generally, knot cuff links have a bar connector between a larger knot for the outside of the cuff and a smaller knot for the inside. However, you can find American manufactured gold-filled or base metal knots with a toggle back.
The most often searched for knot cuff links are those by Tiffany & Co. Tiffany produced many levels of knot cuff links, small basic knots, larger more elaborate (certainly Gordian in feel) knots  They even produced ones that were bejeweled — my favorites being the lapis ones designed by Jean Schlumberger, which I prefer to the diamond ones. I guess I prefer to be the dazzle and not the stone at my wrist!
Tiffany knot cufflinks
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