Larter & Sons Cufflinks

Larter & Sons Cufflinks
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The company Larter & Sons was originally founded in 1865 under the name Davis and Elcox. A detailed history of the firm can be found on their website,

Larter & Sons (I find I sometimes refer to the firm as Larter Brothers reflecting the years that the firm was run by the second generation Larters), made a variety of cuff links and dress sets, from base metal to platinum. They produced plain pieces, but also produced gem-set pieces as well as other types of stones, Larter produced under their own trademark (resembling a spring-loaded stud) and even private labeled for retailers, including Cartier New York and Tiffany. As far as cuff links go, I’ve never seen a Larter pair that I would consider an unusual or unique design. However, whether base metal or platinum, Larter always produced quality pieces, in terms of both materials and craftsmanship. Larter is still producing cuff links and their current models can be found on their website, listed above.

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