Men’s jewellery market grows 15%

Men’s jewellery market grows 15%

Hello everyone,

Wow, saw this studded news on men’s jewellery. More and more man are into buying jewellery. According to industry figures, domestic men’s jewellery market is currently growing at 15%. This is a pretty figure which undeniable have a huge profit margine to be made.

Some of the commonly bought items include: conventional chains, rings, bracelets, cufflinks and kurta buttons, precious metals have entered into new categories such as diamond studded wallet clips, collar corner, wrist chains, belts and buckles to name a few.

It was reported that women is becoming bolder and men geeting sensitive, there is going to be a revolution in jewellery market.

Woman now go for chunky jewellery and bold coloured stones and man are more into charms, crystal studs and lighter neckpieces. I would agree as I saw more and more man wearing cufflinks and bracelet in my country.

Seems like this is a huge untapped market -men’s jewellery!
The most popular item among men is gold chain and bracelets, not to worry cufflinks is catching up..haha.

The main reason for the slower growth in cufflinks can be attributed to cost, lack of awareness and the human nature ( all man are lazy when come to dressing)

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