Mikimoto Cuff links [ A Story To Relate ]

Mikimoto Cufflinks [ A Story To Relate ]


14k white gold Mikimoto pearl cuff links and studs (Image1)


Hi Cufflinkers,
I have to confess that I like vintage cufflinks so let me relate a story which is more than 100 years ago to you.
In 1893, the first cultured pearl was recovered from an oyster. Kokichi Mikimoto quickly became the Pearl King. While he did say, “I would like to adorn the necks of all woman in the world with pearls” his company did not totally ignore men. Mikimoto cuff links are generally very traditional, and their dress sets fit into the best white tie affairs.
Mikimoto has made cuff links in a variety of materials with similar designs in both silver and gold. The cost differential between the silver pairs and the gold pairs are more than normal for two reasons.
They made far fewer gold cuff links than silver, and the pearls on gold cuff links are generally bigger than the ones on silver – one of the main determinations of a culture pearl’s value is its size.

Mikimoto’s cuff links are classic in style and well made and, if you find yourself often at white tie events, there probably should be a Mikimoto set in your jewelry drawer.

Boy, this is one rare piece. Would you mind getting one pair for your love’s one?
Happy Holiday!
Adwin Ang

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