Modern Cuff Link Swivel Inventor

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce to you the modern cuff link swivel inventor, Mr. Jacob M. Oldak.

If you are wearing a pair of cufflinks which is non-double sided, you will notice they have a toggle device. This device was invented more than 50 years ago. Yes, it was one of Mr. Jacob Oldak invention.

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This invention was patented and Mr. Jacob actually spend a fortune just protecting his patent swivel cufflinks invention. As you can see there are millions of cufflinks produced each year, many copycats avoid paying the royalties to Mr. Oldak. Now why would he still need to go after those copycats? Well, according to Mr. Oldak’s son, during those days, the courts are only intrested in patent matters dealing with drugs and chemicals. It is up to the individual to bring in a lawsuit for all other matters.

The battle was eventually gave up due to high legal fees and indifferences in court system in many states.

Mr. Oldak was a jeweler by profession and had the ability to improve the manufacturing and repair processes for many items in his invention.

So when you wore another pair of swivel cufflinks today, do remember is Mr. Jacob Oldak who made the process a whole lot easier for you.
I am sure you agree until today, you do not know the inventor, Mr. Jacob Oldak,modern day Cuff Link Swivel Inventor/Father.

His patent design below.
Patent was file in 1949, 18 June.

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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