Moving on to a New Chapter on Cufflinks

Moving on to a New Chapter on Cufflinks
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AS we know cufflinks are one popular men’s fashion accessory which someone wouldn’t hestiate to spend money on. They are must-have for men who always wanted something special to be worn on their cuff other than a bracelet. Even nowsaday some common shirts are designed to go with cufflinks, let alone with the cuff button.

Get jazzed up with the metal-like stuff around your sleeves, and give them a beautiful outlook. Cuff links were fashion statements for men in the past. But in today world, it is the reverse.

Upcoming and is happening now, women’s shirt are designed to have cuff links. Some woman even started wearing cufflinks ( those small and cute type on the streets)

The range of designs to choose can be from your hobbies, work theme to diamonds and gemstones . You get your cufflink on expensive branded stores or at the flea market or eBay online.

Gold and Silver being the all time favourites. Once you start wearing it, you won’t be able to resist these accessories on the sophistication it brings about to an ordinary cuff shirts.

As we all know cufflinks were invented in the late 18th century. Only adorned the sleeves of wealthy men and kings. But in today context, it’s for everybody.  
Adwin Ang

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