Mystery 1900s Devil Cufflinks



dear blog reader,

See if you could help this friend of mine.

Read email below:

“Dear Adwin,

I have just stumbled across your wonderful website/blog and you have solved a puzzle that has troubled me for many years! Some 20 years ago I lived in New Jersey (I am English and am now back in the UK) and while there purchased a wonderful Devil stick pin from an antique dealer, I forget how much it cost but it wasn’t a great deal. A little later I saw a matching pair of cufflinks but at the time they were quite expensive and I could not afford to buy them. I have regretted this ever since! My efforts to track down other pairs has come to no avail until today when I saw your photograph of the William Link devil cufflinks – the exact ones that I saw!

Do you know if these turn up on the market very often and if so do you know anyone who has any for sale? I would dearly like to match the links to my tie pin.

I attach a photo of my stick pin for your interest, it would date I guess between 1900 and 1910 since it has L & A in three interlinked circles. This is one of my most treasured pieces and I wear it often on special occasions for that added bit of flair!

Hoping you can help,
with my thanks and best wishes,”

Let me hear you view.

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