Official Ask Andy About Clothes Cufflinks

All loyal Ask Andy About Clothes forum members. Andy have launched a pair of exclusive Enamel gilt plated cufflinks with Classic Chain fitting. It is a double sided cufflinks with the famous Ask Andy hanger logo.

Each pair of cufflinks comes in a presentation box. So no worries where to store them. Besides andy is offering to member at only $49 plus shipping!

I tried to consolidate the feekbacks from the forum so Andy will there be
1. A matching tie to go with the cufflinks ?
2. Official AAAC Shirts ?
3. Will there be a series of products in line for Ask About Andy Forum members?

I can also see that Andy’s forum have many highly active members.

Althought it was launch back in April, still you can get a pair of AAAC cufflinks by emailing Ruth at : or

The link to SmartTurnout.

One last question for Andy, any discount for forum members? Looking forward to see all the new products.

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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