Parks Bros. & Rogers Cufflinks

Parks Bros. & Rogers Cufflinks
Park Bros. Sterling Pastoral Cufflinks (Image2)
Parks Bros. & Rogers was founder in Providence, Rhode Island in 1892. The company made an immediate jump into men’s jewelry with the purchase from Howard & Sons of its electroplated goods unit which included lever cuff and collar buttons.

Early on, this company was know for its pastoral scenes, By the time of the depression (when they went out of business), they were primarily producing gold, gold-fronted and gold filled cuff links under their “Parkroger” trademark. I find most of these later pieces to be very basic without any touch of uniqueness.

Some questions posted:

Questions and Answers

Question: Should I only buy cuff links that I like or look at the market potential of the cuff links?

I believe that cuff links, like any collection, should be purchased because it is something you like. This is something you are buying for your own pleasure and should be something purchased for its enjoyment, not its investment potential. That said, generally, if you buy a pair of cuff links at a reasonable price and keep it in your collection for years, it should be worth more then than when you bought it. However, whether its beat inflation or not is another issue.

Question: Do you have recommendations regarding starting a serious cuff link collection?

No. A serious collection has to start with first determining what you like and then learning how to identify the best quality of what you like. I personally prefer well made and well designed pieces not by the names. However, there are many individuals that only collect Cartier or Tiffany or David Webb or Vedura or other top makers of the past and present. Unusual major name piece have historically increased in value to a greater degree that name mundane pieces or non-major name unusual pieces.

That being said, whatever area attracts you, be it enamels or Art Nouveau or doers, learn all you can about the area. This will include materials, artistry and the makers. The more knowledge you have within an area, the more chances you have of picking up an unusual piece by a preeminent maker because you will see it when others do not. Good hunting!

Question: I currently show off some of my collection in display boxes mounted on the bathroom walls — do you have any suggestions for a better display?

I love the idea of wall mounted display boxes. However, if displaying in the bathroom the boxes need to be sealed off from the humidity that occurs in the bathroom. Otherwise, you are inviting the advent of a rusting collection. I’ll leave the rest of this open for comments from readers about how they display their collections.
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